About us 

I have years of experience with dogs in general, and I`ve owned several different types of breeds myself (mastiff, terrier, and mixed breeds). My personal experience with my own dogs, together with my experience with both training other dogs and spending time with dogs in general is what I refer to when asked what my experience is.

Spending time with and having dogs in my life is a lifestyle for me. I`ve always put my energy and my heart into training my own dogs so that our everyday life is harmonic, and I can enjoy my dogs rather than feeling they are a “restriction” in my life. Although I finally wanted a breed that would fit even more natural to my family, and not require the same time of training as my previous dogs – and that’s how I got to know more about collies. After a lot of research, I concluded that the collie was the best fit to my “family life”.

I contacted several breeders to find out if there were any concerns, or other information around the breed that would be critical for me to know and clarify some of my concerns around the breed. As a result of my research, I became a hundred present sure that this was the breed for me, and I also found the right breeder for me who was compatible with both my wishes for my new family member but also shared many of my own values in breeding.

My experience with the rough collie is that they are incredibly adaptable, very easy to train and a perfect family member with a lot of personality.


Our collies are family members, and they will gladly join us everywhere they can - whether it is in the stable, long walks, a coffee visit at our friends or at work. My dogs are also very confidant and have no problems with staying home alone if they must. Shows is an activity we find very interesting and fun, and our girls have good results and love to show themselves in front of the judge. We try to participate in shows as often as we make our  family logistics to work out.

I am a serious breeder that focus on breeding by the FCI standard, breeding with healthy combinations with a good temper, and of course strive to always "improve" the breed further by combining dogs that complement each other well.

It is important for me to learn as much as possible about the combinations I am interested to use, to ensure that I am most likely to get what I want to achieve from the exact combination.